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  1. Computer Data Collection
    When you visit, our company server will automatically record the information that your browser sends when you visit a site. This information is collected for analysis and evaluation in order to help us continue to improve our site and the services and products we provide. This data will not be used in association with other personal information.
  2. Changes to the Privacy Policy has the right to change and change the privacy statement at any time. All policy changes will be announced on our site.
  3. Complaints of Privacy Violations
    If you feel unsatisfied with how we process the privacy data that we collect, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
  4. Emergency Case has the right to unilaterally cancel transactions that are not fair / suspicious / due to system errors / other matters.
  1. 5 year service warranty for ceramic handlebar leakage applies to all AER brand faucets except US 5J, AR 5J, TR 5J F, WF 02
  2. Criteria not guaranteed:
    • Damage or loss caused by natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, thunder, thunderstorms, etc.
    • Damage or loss caused by improper use, cleaning or maintenance of the Product.
    • Damage or loss caused by sediments or foreign objects contained in the water system.
    • Damage or loss caused by improper installation or due to rough installation and / or dangerous environment, improper removal, repairs or changes / modifications to the Product.
    • Damage or loss caused by normal and normal wear and tear, such as reduced luster, scratch or fade over time due to use, cleaning or water practices or air-related conditions, including but not limited to, the use of bleach, alkalis, acid cleansers, cleaning powders or any other abrasive cleanser or use of metal or nylon brushes.
  3. There is still a 5-year warranty period from the date of purchase written on the invoice
  4. Customers send photos of invoices and photos of goods that will be claimed via WhatsApp to 0812 3040 5000.
  5. If we have agreed to claim, how to claim:
    • Customers of Jakarta and Surabaya: Service on site
    • Customers other than Jakarta and Surabaya, please ship the items to be claimed to:
      PT Anugrah Ekstravisi Raya (Joseph)
      Jl Tanjungsari 44i Tanjungsari Warehousing Complex
      Surabaya 60181
  6. Shipping costs for returning goods to Surabaya and shipping items that have already been serviced back to the customer will be borne by us.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are the items ready for stock?

All products that we display are ready stock, except those with information Stock is up.

Where is the shop address / what is the telephone number?

Jl. Tanjungsari 44i Tanjungsari Warehousing Complex Surabaya 60181

Tel: 031-7481622 / 7495894
Mobile: 0812 3040 5000

If I buy more than one product, how about the shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated from the total weight of each product item that the customer buys. You do not need to worry because we have entered the weight data of each product item as accurately as possible so that the shipping costs borne by the customer can be as minimal as possible.

What is the difference between AER and AIR brands?

PT Anugrah Ekstravisi Raya is the owner of a sanitary trademark registered with the brands AIR and AER. The difference between the AIR and AER brands is that the AER brand faucet has a 5 year leak guarantee (for certain products), while the AIR brand faucet does not have a leak warranty. For other products, the AIR brand is durable and quality at an affordable price. Whereas AER has more premium quality and more perfect finishing. We apply a stringent set of quality tests for all products both AER and AIR.

What if an order is made on a holiday?

We will process orders in the first business day after holidays.

How do I know if my payment is successful / failed?

We will send a notification email if we have confirmed that you have received your order payment.

What payment methods are available?

We currently provide payment methods only by bank transfer.


We always prioritize innovation and technology for our products. To maximize customer satisfaction, we provide 5 years warranty for our products and outstanding after-sales services.


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