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Finest Material

Product composition:

  1. At least 59% of brass
  2. 8 – 12 μm of Nickel coating
  3. 0.15 – 0.35 μm of Chrome coating

Corrosive resistance
Withstand over 200 hours of salt spray test

Anti Bacterial Property

The molecules of copper in brass are capable of producing ion that attacks a certain type of protein in single-celled organisms, killing them instantly in the process.

Ceramic Cartridge

  • Resist high temperature, abrasion, and hazardous chemical property
  • Using international well-known brands of cartridges: Sedal and Hent
  • Anti-leakage and smooth switch mechanism
  • Great endurance withstand over 500.000 cycles, max. temperature of 90 °C, and max. pressure up to 7 kg/cm2

Ceramic is used in space for Space Shuttle and Satellites because of its incredible strength and superior heat resistance.

Neoperl Aerator

An aerator is the key performance of the faucet. It controls the water stream straightness and diameter. By using Neoperl Aerator, we optimize our faucet to the world class standards.

  • Precision water stream of straightness and diameter.
  • Reducing splash by aerating stream and eliminating side spray.

Saving Water

Water is priceless gift of nature and we need to save it for the future. It is necessary for us to conserve clean water as much as possible. Therefore, apart from comfort, we also embrace the water saving performance of our faucet.

Flexible Hose

  • Inner hose is protected with knitted nylon
  • Excellent anti-leakage pressure resistance
  • Covered with stainless 304 grade and brass nut

PUB Certification

  • Non-hazardous chemical test.
  • Excellent water saving performance.
  • Great mechanical and performance.

Environmental Friendly

Being environmentally friendly simply means having a lifestyle that is better for the environment. Start by living with a greater awareness of the resources that are used in our daily life. Therefore, we are providing products that are free from hazardous chemicals which makes it safe for the environment.

Sensor Technology

Using proximity sensor and mechanism to accurately response to the presence of hand or in close proximity.

Microcomputer Control Technology

Our sensor offers severe microcomputer control technology which able to precisely measure the duration and frequency of use, with an accurate volume of flush.

Touch Technology

Override the water output with a touch of button.

Temperature Control

Giving you a full control to easily adjust the precise temperature that comfort your hands.

Extra Strong
Cyclone System

Water flow from the depth of the toilet is through directly to the bottom. Our extra strong flushing system is able to thoroughly, quietly, and powerfully clean the bowl.

Eco Flush Technology

We engineered to efficiently decrease of unnecessary water output to make your home more sustainable and cost friendly. We provide with 3 liter and 4.5 liter of flushing tanks.

Dual Glazed Design

  • Dual glazed surface forms a smooth surface, eliminating hidden voids, and forming partition wall for extra sturdiness.
  • It helps to eliminate adhesion of dirt stuck to the surface
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